Twelve Illustrations of words from the Serenity Prayer

I discovered a 1934 Webster's Dictionary in an old book store. I had been thinking about the Serenity Prayer and recalled it was written around that date, most likely by Reinhold Niebuhr. I became curious whether the meanings of words had changed at all since 1934. I was surprised to discover some fascinating differences.

Because the prayer is closely associated with Twelve Step groups, I looked up words from the original Twelve Step book, published in 1939. I was so intrigued by the definitions, that I purchased the old dictionary. Over the next year, it inspired me to create a set of 12 drawings to highlight the definitions of each key word in the Serenity Prayer.

One thing led to another and, more than a decade later, there are seven sets of "Twelve Drawings", including The Serenity Prayer, The Steps, The Promises, and The Metaphors. I have added comments for all drawings except for the final two sets, which are named "The Traditions" and "Religious or Not?".

— Anonymous

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