Twelve Illustrations of words from the Serenity Prayer


The images and words on this site were created by an anonymous artist in Twelve Step recovery (sobriety date 2/14/2007). The purpose of the site is to highlight what the words in The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous meant at the time they were written. Here is the artist's story:

"I was struggling to get sober by working the Twelve Steps. My sponsor insisted I look up recovery literature words in a dictionary. One night, I noticed a 1934 Webster's Dictionary in a used bookstore. I knew that 1934 was the year Bill Wilson, author of the Big Book, got sober. If I was going to look up definitions, it made sense to use a dictionary from his era.

"I bought the heavy, old dictionary. The1930s definitions helped me understand recovery better than modern ones. So I would not forget what I learned, I illustrated the 1934 definitions of key words.

"I ended up creating seven sets of 'Twelve Drawings'. The "Serenity Prayer" was published in the 1930s but was not written by anyone in recovery. It helped my recovery so I illustrated it, too." 

— TwelveDrawings

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