Twelve Illustrations of words from the Serenity Prayer


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I am an anonymous person in Twelve Step recovery (sobriety date 2/14/2007). I noticed that a second-hand bookstore was selling a 1934 Webster's Dictionary. That was the era when the book "Alcoholics Anonymous" (aka "The Big Book") was written. I became curious whether the meanings of any words had changed significantly since the 1930s. I was surprised to discover some fascinating differences.

I was so intrigued by the definitions, that I purchased the old dictionary. Over the next year, it inspired me to create a set of 12 drawings to highlight the definitions of each key word in the Serenity Prayer.

One thing led to another and, more than a decade later, there are seven sets of "Twelve Drawings", including The Serenity Prayer, The Steps, The Promises, and The Traditions. I have added comments for all drawings except for the final two sets, which are named "The Metaphors" and "Religious or Not?".

The drawings are here on Descriptions of what went into the creation of each drawing can be found in their most readable form here

— TwelveDrawings

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