Twelve Illustrations of words from the Serenity Prayer


Welcome! I am an illustrator in Twelve Step Recovery who goes by the name "TwelveDrawings". My personal story is not remarkable. My anonymity may seem intriguing or mysterious, but it shouldn't. Anonymity is the spiritual basis of all Twelve Step Traditions. So, I remain anonymous to align with the program that got me sober.

This is my personal project. Each set of drawings, variously titled the Steps, Traditions, Promises, and Insanities, features key words found in the original 1939 book titled Alcoholics Anonymous—commonly called the Big Book. The definition of each key word comes from the 1934 Webster's Dictionary that was current in at that time.

The Serenity Prayer—often repeated in recovery meetings—was written around the same time by a man named Reinhold Niebuhr. Interestingly, he had no connection with Alcoholics Anonymous.

What I call Metaphors can be found scattered throughout the Big Book, however these are not presented together as a set by anyone besides me.

Religious or Not drawings are based on the 1934 definition of "Religion".


— TwelveDrawings (sober 2/14/2007)

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