10. Controversy


  10. CONTROVERSY [There is no writing for this drawing yet.] Please notice the pattern on the wallpaper. Comedy vs tragedy Ice cream vs broccoli Christian vs Jewish Cats vs dogs Chicken vs eggs Apples vs oranges Meat vs potatoes Peas vs carrots Toy dolls vs toy planes And lastly, notice the crooked photo of…

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12. Tornado


12. TORNADO   What did I want from addiction? Happiness at first. Then freedom from pain. What did addiction bring me? Unhappiness. Pain. I didn’t go there alone—I was married and had a family. As the winds of addiction hollowed out my humanity, I became less of a comfort to my loved ones. No matter…

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1. Insanity


1. INSANITY   Page 37 of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous talks about a type of insanity that is unique to alcoholics and addicts. The writer, Bill Wilson, openly admits that he did not take the definition out of a medical or psychological diagnostics manual.   “Whatever the precise definition of the word may be,…

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