6 . Endorse



This drawing had me stumped at first. Among other things, the 6th tradition warns against AA endorsing any outside enterprise. Possibly, the early AA groups found it was best to remain fully focussed on recovery from alcoholism. There were plenty of other serious issues and concerns, then and now. But AA made a decision not to tackle multiple issues.
The definition: “Endorse – To write on the back of (a check, bill, note, or other commercial document.)”
The definition sounded very specific—perhaps too specific. Yet had nothing to do with a spiritual program of recovery. What would I draw? The notion of lending the AA name to outside enterprises was vague. So, I thought, prayed, and meditated.
This image gradually emerged. It is simultaneously clear and confusing. It shows two people, one seated at a desk and one standing behind her. The seated person is writing on something that resembles a check or some other document. Meanwhile, the standing person is covering the eyes of the seated person with a dollar bill.
Even though I made up this drawing, I cannot say what is happening, exactly. But it seems likely that this “endorsement” is somehow benefitting the standing person more than her companion. If the document legitimately needed to be endorsed, why hide it from the signer’s view?
AA has decided to stay away from complex motivations like this. The phrase “Keep it simple” comes to mind.

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