4. Reflected

Reflected4. REFLECTED

In the Big Book, there is a brief story about a car salesman named Jim. I did not make this drawing about Jim. Instead, it is a contemplation on reflections and decisions. In it, a man is standing at the edge of a deep well. Far below, he can see his reflection. What would make anyone stand in such a potentially dangerous spot? A clue is visible to his left, where a beer mug is perched on the wall with him.

What’s going through his mind? Is he showing off to impress somebody else? Is he testing himself to prove his bravery? Or is he just being foolish for no reason at all? I’m the creator of this drawing and I honestly don’t know the answer myself. I know he is looking at his reflection.

The definition: “Reflect – To turn or direct”

That definition does not provide much insight. It does make sense, given the story about a recovering alcoholic named Jim impulsively gulping down several shots of whiskey. Whatever reason he had was nonsensical compared to the terrible consequences he would experience every time he got drunk.

The man in this drawing is standing on the narrow top of a wall. No one who wants a firm footing will stand on the top of a narrow wall, especially when a severe fall awaits them on the other side. But something about that risk is irresistible to alcoholics and addicts. At least, we cannot resist it under our own power. We need the help of a power higher than human power. Otherwise, gravity (both physical and moral) will be waiting to claim another victim.

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