11. Absurd



What is absurd behavior? Is it the same as doing something bad or can it just be doing something unexpected?
The definition: “Absurd – Contrary to reason or propriety (quality or status of being proper or fitting)”
It is not unusual for alcoholics and addicts to ruin their own success…. showing up late for what would otherwise have been a great meeting. Or making rude sexual advances on the spouse of their boss at a holiday party. Or stealing money in a way that is guaranteed to be discovered and punished. All of this runs contrary to reason or propriety.
Why would reasonable people become unreasonable regarding just one part of their life? I drew a picture of a person who seems healthy, happy, and normal. Except for just one thing. She has apparently fallen in love with a large shark. She is affectionately embracing it as one would embrace a lover. By its nature, the shark will feel compelled kill and eat her. It’s not guaranteed to happen, but it is likely.
What motivates her? Remember, this set of drawings is titled “Twelve Insanities”. I use her as a reminder that I can be insanely attracted to what can easily kill me. Without recovery, I will continue taking those insane chances until one kills me. With recovery, I don’t have to do that any more. I can make better choices and live a full and complete life.

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