11. Baffle

This is by far my most favorite promise. Like most people, I heard the Twelve Promises read during my very first Twelve Step meeting. I knew what a promise was and I wrongly assumed these would come true if I simply showed up at meetings…. like waiting for a pizza to be delivered once you place your order.
It took me years in recovery to notice that the oft-quoted Twelve Promises being described do not come true until Step Nine…. which involves making amends to those we had harmed. Then and only then are we assured that the Promises start coming true.
So, I loved hearing the Promises read and especially enjoyed hearing that I would know how to handle baffling situations. But I had work to do. I had to work the Steps. That sounds obvious, but if you have read my other writings here, you know I came to meetings and yet avoided working the Steps for days, weeks, months, and even years.
The Promises did not come true for me until I was halfway through Step Nine. Thank God, they finally did when I was willing to do the work.

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