7. Not

7. “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can NOT change”
I have to confess something. I stole this illustration. From myself. I had looked up the word “unmanageable” in the 1934 Webster’s Dictionary in the first days after buying it. I won’t go into it now, but the definition for “Unmanageable” fit this drawing perfectly. But then came the moment when I needed to illustrate the word “Not” for the Serenity prayer.
The definition: “Not adv. makes negative a word or group of words”.
Not exactly heart-pounding prose, but I used prayer and meditation to seek a new illustration. In this case, nothing new came. That puzzled me. I kept trying but had no results. Finally, I recognized that I already had the right drawing in “unmanageable”. But the word “unmanageable” belongs to the Twelve Steps, not to the Serenity Prayer. Still, it did the drawing perfectly. With some initial reluctance, I retitled the equine drawings with the “Not” definition. 
Whoever this rider is, they managed to guide their mount over several fences. Only at the very end did the results change for the worse. This made negative the words: “I can always manage my horse.”
The definition fit and so I kept it.

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