1. Welfare


1. WELFARE The book Alcoholics Anonymous claims that an alcoholic is like a man who has lost his legs; legs which cannot and will not ever grow back. This was painful news to me. Like many addicts, I genuinely believed that a return to the lifestyle I remembered was possible, but without any of the…

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2. Conscience


CONSCIENCE   The 1934 definitions of some words surprised me, but not this one. Now, as then, a person with a conscience knows when something is not right. They won’t take things that don’t belong to them and they refuse to say things that are not true.    The second tradition urges groups rely on their…

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3. Membership


TRADITION You join a Twelve Step group by desiring to stop drinking. Others might claim there are more conditions and expectations than that. However, the Third Tradition explicitly states: “The only requirement for A.A. membership is a desire to stop drinking.” That principle extends to other groups which are based on particular things other than drinking alcohol.…

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10. Controversy


  10. CONTROVERSY [There is no writing for this drawing yet.] Please notice the pattern on the wallpaper. Comedy vs tragedy Ice cream vs broccoli Christian vs Jewish Cats vs dogs Chicken vs eggs Apples vs oranges Meat vs potatoes Peas vs carrots Toy dolls vs toy planes And lastly, notice the crooked photo of…

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